While we are preparing our properties for 2016 leases, take a look at some drone footage from our sister company 'Eye from the sky photography'. This is during last season's baseball playoffs vs A&M. TCU Froghouses provides the best TCU student housing options for many students. Properties are close to campus. Call or text us today at 817-808-8769.

Monthly Archives: September 2015

Before you call anyone, this is my son. He normally loves when we bust out the quadcopter but not today. Check out this footage and also check out our homepage for available properties for rent and for your convenience, even though we know it’s already on your fridge, we posted the TCU football schedule. www.tcufroghouses.com Go Frogs!

Ok, so not as dramatic as it sounds but we took the drone out flying at the park and while I was showing my son how to do something, I almost hit a tree. But then I recovered and landed safely.

We are preparing our houses for leases starting in June 2016. TCU student housing is filling up fast because of our reputation in the community with students and local businesses. Call or text for more info and take a look at our available properties.

817-808-8769 for more information